The 12 Most Influential Hijabi Fashion Bloggers Instagram 2023

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Hijab, a traditional Muslim woman believes to cover her modesty for the sake of her Almighty. She started to wear a hijab, as the hijab is considered to be the pious way for women to express their obedientness toward their God. Nowadays, Hijab becomes more popular due to some “Hijabi Bloggers” and their popular “Blogs about Hijab”, women are generally making themselves ready by watching those popular and most easy-to-wear hijab styles on those blogs. In this article, we want to tell you about the most popular hijabi bloggers whose blogs are an inspiration for many of us.

Difference Between Hijab And Niqab:

Most women always get confused when they talk about what is the difference between in wearing hijab or niqab. Let me clear one thing, both are important in a religious way, Hijab is something in which women cover their hair and a Niqab is something in which women cover their hair along with their face (except the eyes). We all have our beliefs regarding following the path of our religion. The more you make it easy for the people, the more you get rewards from God.

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Top 8 Hijabi Fashion Bloggers Instagram You Should Be Following in 2023 :

1. Saufeeya Goodson:

Saufeeya Goodson
Saufeeya Goodson

Saufeeya Goodson (@feeeeya) is basically based in both Dubai and the United States, she is a perfect fashion blogger and her creative mind lead her to the mountain of success. She also has the best sense of style and in her blogs, she mostly practices the mix of bold details with urban staple styles.

2. Maria Alia:

Maria Alia
Maria Alia

Maria Alia (@mariaalia) is based in New York City, so obviously she should have the best style of New York by which she follows the coolness of her city as well. She has always come up with unique and ready-to-wear hijab styles with a touch of drapes.  You will see some perfectly described hijab styles step by step in her blogs, which is very helpful for the newbies.

3. Habiba Da Silva:

Habiba Da Silva
Habiba Da Silva

Habiba da Silva (@lifelongpercussion) is an international blogger, based in the United Kingdom. She almost has over 1.5 million followers beyond the social media, she’s very well-known for her fashion and beauty blogs/videos, she also has an own store of hijabs and fashion where you can shop easily.

4. Soha Muhammad Taha:

Soha Muhammad Taha
Soha Muhammad Taha

Soha Mohamed Taha (@sohamt) is a designer yet stylish with a god gifted ability for all things she has. She always brings out some unique combination of fashion. Her way of caring the hijab is always mesmerizing her beauty as well.

5. Dina Torkia:

Dina Torkia
Dina Torkia

She (@dinatokio) is a perfect yet cheerful vlogger and used her platform as a form of her own creativity. She also spread awareness about how to stay modest while following the fashion as well. We just love the way she carries her own styles so perfectly. She always appears in rich colors of combination with a touch of little bit accessories.

6. Maria Idrissi:

Maria Idrissi
Maria Idrissi

No one can forget her in the world of hijabi fashion. Do you know? that Mariah Idrissi (@mariahidrissi) is the first hijabi model herself who appeared on H&M’s show. Mariah is a British model and a hijabi blogger who keep trying new styles of hijab with new colors of a combination.

7. Imane Alasry:

Imane Alasry
Imane Alasry

Imane Alasry (@fashionwithfaith) is based in Stockholm, Sweden, she always creates her looks with some cool effect of neutral shades. She hathe s the ability to create something new while taking from the old one. A perfect blogger full of talent is such a God-gifted thing.

8. Ascia Al Faraj:

Ascia Al Faraj
Ascia Al Faraj

Asia al Faraj (@ascia_AKF) is based in Kuwait, a blogger that explores and tells everything regarding her own personal style of travel and beauty along with her husband. Her husband and Imane started their own blogging part-time, and now they became an international blogger.

9. Eileen Lahi

Eileen Lahi (@eslimah) is a Qatar-based Estonian revert. Her ensembles ooze calm and simplicity, thanks to their relaxed forms and soothing color palettes, which are brought together with a few well-chosen accessories.

10. Dalal AlDoud

Dalal AlDoud (@dalalid) is a Kuwaiti fashion and beauty blogger. Her outfits are full of opulent details (think pearl-embroidered denim, fur collars, and statement sunglasses), they’re all combined with traditional items and capped off with an office-ready coat for an elegant finish.

11. Hussain Sebina

Sebina (@sebinaah) is a British blogger who achieves her feminine-yet-stylish look by mixing opulent textures like mink, velvet, and suede with classic pieces in muted colors. Finish it off with a killer heel, and you’re all set!

12. Summer Albarcha

Summer Albarcha (@summeralbarcha) is well-known for her fashionable downtown look. Appearance to her for ideas on how to mix traditional neutrals with timeless fabrics and add flashes of exciting texture and color for an edgy, urban, yet perfectly polished look.

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