Difference Between Hijab And Abaya

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Today we are discussing the actual difference between hijab and abaya. Yes, we have seen many women who are still in confusion related to the hijab or abaya. In this context, we will mention some tips and ideas on how to wear a hijab with an abaya and also why the hijab is different from an abaya. As we all know that both hijab and abaya are the basic clothing way for women according to Islam. But sometimes women misuse the proper way of wearing both hijab and abaya, so I will tell you some rules and styles about how to carry the hijab properly with casual and stylish dresses. You will also get some ideas about wearing fashionable abayas easily. A basic difference between hijab and abaya is that hijab is used to cover up the upper part while abaya is used to cover up the lower part. Let’s have a look below in the article to know more common differences.

What Is An Abaya?

According to the Muslims, the abaya is a simple, loose over-cloth, basically a robe-like dress, used by some women in roles of the Islamic world including in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Regular abayas are normally seen in black color and maybe both of a large rectangle of fabric wrapped from the shoulders or head or along, in an easy word a type of caftan. The abaya covers the entire body except for the head, feet, and hands. It can also be used with the niqab, a niqab is something in which a face veil hides all except the eyes. Some more conscious women also carry a pair of long black gloves, so their hands are also covered as well as the other parts.

Abaya Style

What Is An Abaya Style?

The Abaya Style like Churidar Kameez is a full body length dress or something like Anarkali that was actually created by developing the culture and basic tradition of Islamic countries. The outfit attracts thought from the ‘Abaya’, which is a robe-like dress that is mostly worn by the women of the Muslim religion.

Abaya Style and fashion

What Is The Purpose Of Wearing a Hijab?

Well, I really liked the faith behind the hijab which means that a woman hiding or shielding herself so that a man should understand her for her mind, not because of her body. That simple purpose can be followed back to the Quran, which is a Muslim’s Holy book. Though, which encourages and supports women to dress simply and modestly, so that they can be safe from the Hell-fire.

Diva Style Hijab

Difference Between Hijab And Abaya:

The difference between Hijab and Abaya is that they are normally two different kinds of apparel that are prepared or given to Islamic women. Many Islamic women wear both of these clothes as a kind of protection. They also seem to be a sign of purity. Many Muslims claim that this clothing is announced or ruled by the Islamic religion, culture, and standards. Hence, many women are still forced to wear these things in front of men by the social criteria, elders, and peers. However, many women like to wear these outfits to describe their own faith in their religion and culture. Both Hijab and Abaya are worn by Muslim women as a sign of modesty, secrecy, and purity.

Can hijab and abaya be worn together?

Yes, it is possible to wear both of them together.

Ladies match their abaya with a hijab (head scarf) to cover themselves totally from head to toe. You may combine these two items to get a secure feeling & comfort while standing strong on your religious beliefs.

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