1920s Mens Fashion And Style Trends

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The men’s fashion changes from time to time and when we talk about 1920s men’s fashion then it was traditional and old. The men used to wear the old styled dresses in this decade and then fashion changed and new trends came in the fashion industry. If we talk about the early fashion of the 1920s then it was simple yet elegant. The 1920s men’s fashion Gatsby was at the top which was evident from the Gatsby characters’ attires. The fashion of dapper suits came later in this era. Here in this article, I will discuss the 1920s men’s fashion in detail.

1920s Mens Fashion Suits

The fashion of men’s suits was very popular in the 1920s. The casual dressing was less common and men demanded the suit styles at that time. The formal dressing was highly demanded by the men of 1920s. Men wore the suit everywhere even in their office or at a party. The suit was considered at the pride for the men of that era. The best quality thick wool material was used in making these suits for men. The slim suiting trend then shifted to 1920’s men’s casual fashion which had loose suiting. Later on, the sportswear and casual dressing were introduced and men’s suiting became less common. Now greater options were available for men at that time.

1920's Mens Fashion Suits

1920s Pants and Trousers

When we talk about the pants then they matched perfectly with the suit jacket. The crease was at the front with two single pleats at their top. The slit pockets added to the beauty of these pants. They reached the mid-ankle and that is why the socks could be seen as they were worn high. The socks were usually plain, however, socks with patterns were also seen. The pant legs were narrow in this period which later became wide.

1920's Pants and trouser

1920s Neckties & Bowties

The men’s outfits of the 1920s were thought to be incomplete without the neckties and bow ties. The bow ties were worn having patterns, stripes or polka dots. Neck scarf tie was also a trend at that time. When we talk about the bow ties then it was a self-tied variety which gave a puffy look to the men. The attractive feature of these ties was that they were made with vibrant colors of silk or wool. However, the casual scarf tie was also popular in the early 20s.

1920's Neckties and bow ties

1920s Mens Shoes

The two-tone lace-up Oxford shoes were greatly admired by the men of 1920s. With their semi-formal and casual business suit, they preferred the brown and white. The less common colors were grey and white and black and white. The lace-up Oxford with burnt orange brown color with the design of cape toe was high on the priority list of the men of 1920s. As the years passed, the men’s shoes became fancier with their wingtips. In working classes, lace-up boots were common which has their own charm. When we talk about the summer shoes then white nubucks were the choice of elite class of the 1920s.

1920's Mens Shoes

1920s Mens Fashion And Style Trends
  • 1920s Mens Fashion And Style Trends

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