1970s Men’s Fashion Trends And Style You Must Know!

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The fashion of the 1970s came out with an expression in itself which changed the traditional fashion trends and introduced some unique fashion trends for men. It was the time of modernity and boldness. Bright colored outfitted was the top priority of the men of 70s. The introduction of hippie style gained popularity followed by the peacock revolution trend. Later on, the 70s men’s fashion shifted towards disco fashion which gave the men a rebellious and versatile look. In this way, various types of fashion trends created their mark in the fashion industry of those days. Here in this article, I am going to discuss the phenomenal fashion trends of the 1970s men.

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1970s Hippie Look:

The hippie has seen in the 60s and in the early 70s fashion it was at its peak. In this hippie look men were interested in wearing bell-bottoms, bright colored shorts with attached vest, tie-dye men’s tops, embroidered scarves and headbands and others. The hippie inspired dressing is also popular today when people wear the same style clothes for their interest and pleasure.


70s Peacock Revolution Look:

When we talk about the 70s era then the peacock revolution becomes a part of the lost. It was the time when the youngsters paid more attention towards their dressing and the bright colors are associated with this peacock revolution. The businesses flourished and there was use 70s fashion men’s shirts made with satin, tunics, bell-bottoms, ruffles, and Cuban heeled boots and also velvet became popular in this period.

1970's Peacock Revolution Lock

1970s Rock Look:

The rock style was adopted by the men in the mid-70s. Britain was the first place where this fashion began. The lively and energetic musicians wore the eye-catching outfits which later on attracted the youth of the 70s. This look consisted of velvet coats, shawl collar jackets, satin shorts, black leather jackets, scarves made of silk and other accessories were also a part of this look.


70s Disco Fashion Look:

The 70s Fashion Disco Look was mainly introduced by John Travolta in his popular Saturday Night Fever. This style presented the three-piece suits which great range of colors having styles such as high rise waistcoats, flared pants; wide lapels and the accessories included the inspiring sunglasses, bold neckties, pointed collar shirts and so on. This look is hardly seen in men’s fashion today.

1970's Disco Look

1970s Fashion Shoes For Men:

With the dresses, the men shoes were also very noticeable in the 70s. The trend of wearing platform boots was a desire of everyone in days of the 70s. The sole in these boots was height boosting and almost everyone was seen wearing the heels. Other shoes in the 70s included Birkenstocks, Oxford shoes, Cuban heels, and cowboy boots and so on.

1970's Mens Shoes


The 70s men’s fashion gave a new direction to the fashion industry and even today you can see some of the fashion trends of 70s. The rock fashion is popular even today. The trend of wearing three-piece suits is never out. However new styles are introduced with innovation so that people are attracted towards these trend based on their interests.

70s Mens Fashion
  • 70s Mens Fashion
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