What is World Hijab Day & why are women being invited to wear One?

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World Hijab day 2023 is celebrated every year on 1st February; this day was founded by Nazma Khan on 1st February 2013. The motive of this yearly event was to encourage the women of the world to wear hijab because the hijab is the sign of Muslimah (Muslim Women) this event is celebrated every year across 140 countries of the world according to Nazma khan it is the opportunity of the non-Muslims Women’s to experience the beauty of hijab. According to some feminists named Asra Nomani, “as Muslim women, we actually ask you not to wear the hijab in the name of interfaith solidarity,” going on to say, “This modern-day movement spreads an ideology of political Islam.”

#World Hijab Day #2023

World Hijab Day

Nowadays hijab is becoming just a formality for Muslims across the world; they wear the hijab just for looking good not for the Shariah Parda (Hiding yourself from head to toe) which is guided by the Almighty Allah and his prophets. Hijab is of only one type that is head to toe in which all of the body of Muslim women is hidden. But the ladies of the modern era are wearing hijabs on tight jeans and assuming their self’s that they are fulfilling the Almighty Allah’s order about hijab. Open face and hands are not the things which Almighty Allah loves. Allah loves the Hijab which his prophets ’ wives did as per sunnah.

How Hijab Day is Observed?

The most effective way to take an interest in this day is to wear a hijab. You may inspire all of your woman buddies and loved ones to do to same. You may likewise find out about different sorts of covers, like the niqab, shawl, abaya, and chador. This is a day to get familiar with the Islamic culture.

As per us, Celebrating an occasion is not a bad thing; Actually, it is an event in which all the women have the opportunity to try their selves out the hijab and adopt this as their habit of daily use. Hijabi Fashions have a variety of hijabi styles for all the women of the world to try out the latest fashionable hijabi styles and get your self look more beautiful with the proper Hijab; May Allah gives all the Women’s Hidayath to wear a hijab before the last hijab (Kafan). Ameen.

World Hijab Day
  • World Hijab Day
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