Why do you wear a hijab?

Wearing a hijab is a personal decision. The Hijab is worn by many Muslim women living in Western countries and is often seen as a symbol of faith. There are many reasons Muslim women wear the Hijab, but the most common one is that they believe the Quran instructs them to dress modestly and cover … Read more

What is the purpose of a hijab?

The purpose of a hijab is to show respect from men to women and from women to each other. A hijab is a part of one’s identity, like any other physical aspect of our appearance, and it should be worn for what it represents rather than for what it does. Sarahis a well-known writer and … Read more

Can men wear hijabs?

Absolutely Not! Muslim men can not wear hijabs or headscarves. However, it is recommended that they only wear them in the presence of women because it is the proper and essential requirement of a Muslim woman that her husband should be the first to worship God. If a man wears a hijab without his wife … Read more

What do Non-Muslim women think about Hijab or burqa?

About Hijab and burqa. Non-Muslim women have views about veiling, although most believe it is a personal lifestyle choice and should not be imposed upon others. With the advent of rapid transformation in Muslim societies, many non-Muslim women voice concerns about female cover or burqa. Sarahis a well-known writer and editor in Fashion Industry Blogging. … Read more

Why is wearing a hijab an issue?

Wearing a hijab is not an issue. It’s up to YOU if you decide to wear one or not. In Islam, it is a symbol of modesty and honor. Sarahis a well-known writer and editor in Fashion Industry Blogging. As a writer and editor. She has worked on many projects and resources, as well as … Read more

Why do people ban hijabs?

Many people ban hijab precisely because they see them as an imposition on society, not a sign of respect. But there are specific rules regarding what an individual can wear in public. One of those rules is that most people must remove their veils when entering a building or passing through a door that is … Read more

Is it haram to stop wearing Hijab?

With so many women wearing the Hijab, some have wondered if it’s haram to stop wearing it. This is a common misconception, as our religion is based on Hijab and modesty. But there are ways you can be modest without wearing a headscarf or Hijab. Sarahis a well-known writer and editor in Fashion Industry Blogging. … Read more