5 Pros and Cons Hijab Fashion Styles

Last Updated on January 24, 2023 by Sarah

Hijab fashion has adopted an increasing trend in these years being a controversial topic among both religious and fashion world. Hijab has been an essential part of women clothing in Islam and must be observed by women to please their Allah instead of following fashion trends. But in many Islamic countries the hijab is being observed with style and Islamic obligations. Modern hijab fashion has both positive and negative aspects which can be considered as follows:


  1. The foremost pro of hijab is that it is order from our Allah Almighty to cove our heads
    and bodies and you will feel the urge to adopt it like other Muslim essentials.
  2. Everyone has some personal choices and hijab allows woman to customize her clothing
    according to her requirement and personality. It is a symbol of dignity and modesty for
    Muslim women in non Muslim world.
  3. Even a simple dress and outfit can serve the purpose of hijab which cover your body parts
    as chest and waist so that you can have more confidence and respect while moving out.
  4. The purpose of hijab fashion must not be only to protect your exterior but also to control
    the inner behavior and thoughts. You can be judged by your appearance as a modest lady
    by your looks and appearance.
  5. You can adopt hijab fashion in any climatic conditions. In summers it offers protection
    from sunlight and heat while in winters it provides you warmth against cold winds. Also
    you need not to do your hairs every time you go out just by wrapping scarf.


  1. The latest fashion trends have misguided the true spirit of hijab when it comes to wearing
    scarf with tight fitted clothes and jeans. If you are wearing hijab as a fashion instead of
    religious obligations, you will not be getting any reward afterwards.
  2. The use of fashion accessories not only attracts others but also highlight women presence
    in mixed gathering which is forbidden in Islam. Often you cannot wear your hair and ear
    accessories or walk man while wearing a scarf.
  3. Wearing the hijab is best when you decide it for your own comfort and start instead of
    imitating others as you will be confused at the end with the options available.
  4. You can be in huge trouble if you have not got the perfect body shape and affordability
    for purchasing trendy hijabs. The essentials as headscarfs, cap and underarms can cost
    you much than other clothing options.
  5. The hijabi dresses can bring you problem of handling your clothes and scarves while
    moving out in windy weather. You can often feel hot and oversized in summer season
    through layered hijab dresses.

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