7 Steps of How to Wear a Hijab

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There are many different styles and ways of wearing the hijab. This article will discuss the basic/easy steps of wrapping the hijab in no time.

This hijab style is super easy, and you can wrap a beautiful hijab in 7 steps.

So, let’s explore all the steps in detail so you don’t have any confusion.

7 Steps of How to Wear a Hijab

1. Get Everything at Place:

The hijab designs and styles are unlimited and you can choose the one according to your own choice. Wearing any hijab or scarf includes steps as tying, folding, wrapping and pinning to fix at the place. The scarf can have square, round, rectangular or oblong shape which must be chosen according to your face shape. The fabric must allow the aeration and breathing as cotton and silk for summers. You can consider neutral or bright colors according to your outfit. Firstly place all the required things as rubber, pins, safety pin, scarf, hair brush and under cap or head band at one place.

2. Tying Your Hairs:

The hairs may come in the way of proper hijab wearing so they must be brushed and pulled up to make a bun or ponytails. The hijab headband or cap will avoid the hairs from coming on your face. You can match the color of band with your tunic, skirt, pants or jacket color.

3. Folding the Scarf:

The middle of scarf whether long or small must be kept on head area and allow the both sides to drape along the ears. By holding the scarf with fingers, fold the other side over the hair bun at the back and fix it on one side. The long pashmina shawls can be folded to handle easily while the square and tubular scarves can be easily worn without folding.

4. Wrapping in Layers:

The hijab style can be enhanced by the number of times you wrap it round the head and neck to create layers and folded look. This look is perfect for thin and slim girls on long tunics.

5. Pinning the Scarf:

You can use decorative safety pins to fix the hijab at its place. You can pin it from more than one place so that it stays over long time. You can change your look by using pins with pearls and motifs to stand out among crowd.

6. Accessorizing:

For casual look, you can add a beautiful floral headband or jewelry piece to the scarf in contrast to your outfit. While going for a party or bridal look, you can beautify the hijab with necklace placed on the head or wearing it over the neck. You can also wear earrings with hijab by keeping one side open.

7. Final Touch:

A beautiful hijab accentuates the face features so you can apply a mascara and a lip gloss for enhancing your beauty and adding glamour to the look.

7 Steps of How to Wear a Hijab Video Tutorial

  • 7 Steps of How to Wear a Hijab
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