How to wear Hooded Scarves with Different Styles

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Hooded scarfs are one of the best styles of hijab to be wear for. They are basically invented to wear in winters only. As we need more warmth and due to extremely cold weather our scarves keep split off. To keep your hijab style maintained and cover the head area in winters, these perfect hooded scarfs are here for you. They are also ready-to-wear available on some online sites as well, or you can also do it yourself to make one of your own. We will definitely reveal some ideas on how to tie a hooded-style scarf, check out here.

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How To Make A Hooded Scarf?

You can simply do it by taking a long jersey scarf or a kind of shawl to make it look like a hood. Place it on your head and make one side long as compared to the other, put that long side under the back-neck area (but make a long drape in front of your area). Your simple original made hooded scarf is ready for you. Try this hooded style at home or if you want it to be easy for you then buy a perfect ready-to-wear hooded scarf which is quite affordable now. Hooded scarfs are best to use for winter and cold days, as their material is warm and gives you a more comfortable winter every time.

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Winter Hooded Scarf:

Hooded scarfs are best for winter days as they cover up the entire upper area which will be affected by the winter. Remember that winter hooded scarfs are easily available at online stores so it will be easy for you to wear them directly without any effort. You can also wear a winter hooded scarf with your own normal scarfs but you just need a long one to properly arrange the hood area. The hooded scarf style will give you a perfectly chic look and you will like it as they cover your whole front area without any need of wearing jackets and other head caps.

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Black Hooded Scarf:

Soft and warmness are always welcomed when you are struggling with the harsh outdoor weather. This solid color black hooded scarf which is available at online stores named as a “knit cowl” is basically both a hat and a scarf in one practical and fashionable assistant. Exceptionally clever to be worn easily in winters, this hooded scarf can also be worn in many different ways like:

  • Shawl style
  • Hood-style
  • One side scarf

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Fur Hooded Scarf:

Fur hooded scarf is another style of scarf that could be worn on winter days. These are made from a warm material with a fur effect all over the outer area of the scarf. Perfect for winter’s day out. Wear it in the evening winter cozy nights will mesmerize your beauty as well.

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Accessory You Need to Have for Hooded Scarf:

During the winter, there are many things you need to carry around when you leave the house. Gloves, beanies, and scarves can help keep you warm, but some people might also benefit from adding additional layers of clothing. But carrying too many things may be the reason for losing things often. That is why you need something to help you get things done like, a hooded scarf.

The hooded scarf is versatile – it can be worn as a scarf or a hood. It will add warmth to your clothing. Using a cap and scarf at the same time will make your life easier and more comfortable. You won’t have to search through your bag every time you need an accessory. With a hooded scarf, you look stylish.


Hooded scarfs are best for those who don’t want to wear many things like a winter cap, a warm jacket plus gloves. Now you will be free while choosing to wear these hooded scarfs ready-to-wear. These scarves are available in various colors, and there are free sizes, so anyone can wear them easily.

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