How to Tie a Blanket Scarf

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Fill-up your wardrobe with these blanket scarves in this winter. These scarves are especially made for winter or cold weathers as the temperature going to drops, you will be seeing blanket scarves here and there. Even, celebrities and many hijabi bloggers prefer to wear these scarves to warm up themselves. It is simple and easy to wear, just one drape and you are done. We will tell you some kinds of blanket scarves and how to wear scarves with easy styles.

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How To Tie/Wear A Blanket Scarf?

You just have to wear this scarf while giving more to on one scarf side as compared to another, wear the scarf from the back of the neck area and hold its both points tightly. Then slowly throw the one long sided area of the scarf back to your shoulder and put it back to the front of your chest area. Assemble it nicely that both ends look accurate in size. And your look for a blanket scarf is ready to go out.

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How To Tie/Wear Oversized Blanket Scarf?

This oversized blanket scarf is actually called “oversized kerchief” and can be worn easily just like a normal blanket scarf, but both ends of the scarf would be hidden. Simply just grab two opposite corners of your blanket scarf and cross them slightly in the back of your neck area, making them around to the front of the area of your chest. Then just tuck the ends under the triangle portion.

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How To Tie/Wear Plaid Blanket Scarf?

Plaid Blanket Scarf keeps it perfect yet gorgeous all over the ultra-cozy style that wraps up around the neck area towards both shoulders. Make one long side and make a round around the neck then put that long side under the scarf. Try wearing it as an eternity scarf by just wrapping it all over around your neck a few times for an on-trend perfect winter look you will surely love.

Plaid Blanket Scarf

How To Tie/Wear A Hijab?

Hijab which is famous now all over the world. You can wear it either with a traditional look or in a western style. The choice is yours, in traditional style you should have to cover the whole front area of yours with wearing a hijab in a plain style. And in western style, there are many hijab styles are available to choose from. Start with the basic steps:

Pin up method for wearing a Hijab

  • Grab a hijab or scarf,
  • Fold that scarf into a form of a triangle shape.
  • Now just place that triangle shape scarf on your head and make one side longer than the other and one that put under the chin area.
  • Take that longer side of the scarf and wrap it back your head area and bring it back to the other side.
  • Put the scarf behind your head and at the shoulder.

Hijab is very important to show some respect towards God (Allah). There are thousands of hijab styles are here for you to make your hectic life easy and more comfortable. These blanket scarves introduced by a hijabi blogger from Russia, blanket scarves could also be wear in both summer and winter. Matching scarves with accessories and high heels are the perfect combo for any day out.

3 Different Ways to Tie Blanket Hijab Style

Poncho Style

Blanket scarf poncho-style is classy looking.

For this, drop the scarf around your shoulders like a wrap, then push one end down to make it hang as much as possible.

It will result in a loose yet secure wrap that will keep you warm and stylish without being too bulky.

Blanket Scarf as a Shirt

This style is the best winter look as it gives you a warm, cozy, fun, and extra comfortable layer on your top to wear.

You can wear it by simply wrapping the scarf around your shoulders and across your chest. Leave it loose or adjust with the pins.

Blanket Scarf Draped Halves

The easiest way to wear the blanket-style hijab is to fold it in half and fall evenly in 2 rectangles straight down at the front of your body.

It seems too simple and easy, but the right & unique scarf (bold prints or block design) gives a stunning look.

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