Latest Beautiful Hijab Tutorial With Naqab Step By Step 2023

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This section is all about teaching you different interesting, graceful, and stylish methods of wearing Hijab as modest wardrobe does not have to be boring every time.  The ways categorized here are in a step by step fashion. These are some latest hijab tutorials and easy-to-go methods that will give a complete show of elegance to your personality.

Let’s look at the simplest method of carrying a Hijab first and later we will proceed to more complicated ones as we go down the page.

The Simplest Method of Wearing a Hijab

You slept late at night due to which you overslept in the morning and now you are worried about getting late for your class/work. After this, you will not need to worry at least about getting yourself ready. You can follow these simplest techniques that make Hijab wearing just a matter of seconds.

  • Take a long rectangular scarf and drape it all over your head.
  • Flip one end of the scarf over the opposite shoulder, let the other end hang on its own side, and you will be good to go!

    7 Steps of How to Wear a Hijab

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Simple Pin up method for wearing a Hijab

  • First of all, cover your head with a long rectangular scarf in such a way that one end of it hangs lower than the other end in front of your shoulders.
  • Then pin up both the opposite parts of scarf lying under your chin tightly.
  • Bring the long end of scarf on the opposite shoulder and flip it behind the shoulder.
  • Bring the same end in front of the other shoulder by pulling it from behind the back.
  • Adjust both the ends in front of your chest so that they cover it.

Method of covering your chest completely with a Hijab

This method can be followed well with a scarf that is beautifully printed from the front to show-off it’s attractive print in all its glory!

  • Cover your head with the scarf in such a way that the portion having cardinal print hangs down more on one side.
  • Spread the hanging corner all over your chest covering the complete area between one shoulder and the other.
  • You can pin up both the sides of scarf under your chin or let them loose, then drape the other corner of hijab on its opposite shoulder.

Method of Wearing a Side-Pinned Hijab

This method has become a lot popular in these days.

  • Cover your head with a scarf in such a way that there is a long hanging end and a short hanging end.
  • Pull the long hanging end along your chin and bring it to the opposite temple region of your head.
  • Pin it up there with any fancy-looking pin that will add more to its beauty.

Method of Wearing a Braided Hijab

If you have plenty of time and want to look gorgeous with your scarf, you can try this stunning style of Hijab:

  • Take a long scarf, double it up by folding from the middle.
  • Wrap it around your head and neck.
  • Tie a loose knot with both the ends.
  • Grab its one end and thread it like a loop, twirl it, and thread through the other end. Give as many as folds you want in the same fashion.braided hijab

Method of Wearing a Hijab with Spectacles

Wearing Hijab in conventional styles can be difficult and distressing for people who use spectacles. Sometimes, it may also become painful near the ears if they just pin up the hijab tightly. To avoid this, they can follow this method that will be more suitable for such people:

  • Wear a Hijab cap on your head to cover your hair completely.
  • Loosely drape a scarf over it and flip both the ends of the scarf on their respective opposite shoulders.
  • After that, you can leave the scarf as it is or pin it up slightly ahead of your temporal region on both the sides.Hijab with SpectaclesHijab with Spectacles 1Hijab with Spectacles 2

Method of Wearing a Hijab with Earrings

If you’ve got some beautiful earrings and you don’t want to miss the chance of showing them off with conventional Hijab wearing methods, you will definitely need this one:

  • While draping your Hijab over your head, you just need to make sure that a little portion of earlobe especially the one having pierced mark is spared and pops out.
  • After that, you can tie your Hijab in any of the ways according to your wish and need.

hijab with EarringsHijab-To-Show Earrings latest

Method of wearing a Hijab as Rosette Turban

This method can be best applied to a rectangular scarf or a square scarf with triangular folds given.

  • Put the long-folded corner on your forehead
  • Bring both ends together and tie them in a knot at one side of the head.
  • Tuck the back in order to form a plane edge then twist one corner tightly, wrap it around the knot to create a rosette and tuck it beneath the rosette.
  • Do the same with the other corner.

Hijab as Rosette TurbanHijab as Rosette Turban 1

Method of wearing a Hijab in Summer

A hot sunny day can be a huge challenge for the Hijabis if they do not wear them smartly. All you need is a loose and windy Hijab style that will keep your mind cool and working! For that you need to follow this:

  • Take a big, free-flowing scarf in cotton material and drape it all around your head, shoulders, and chest.
  • Let it loose, do not pin any side up anywhere, and to avoid excessive sweating make sure that you’ve not wrapped the hijab very tightly around your neck.

Hijab in Summer

Method of wearing a Hijab in Winter

In winters, a loosely carried cotton scarf just would not do! It is the perfect time for layering everything up including your Hijab that will keep you warm and uncomfortable.

  • Take a big and long scarf in any material suitable for winters like woolen scarves etc. and make multiple layers around your head with it tightly.
  • Pin up the long end of scarf anywhere on your head and the short end can be left loose or you can pin it up as well according to your desire.
  • You can apply this method while wearing a shawl also.

Hijab in Winter

Method of Wearing Hijab with Saree

Ladies tend to be confused while choosing a hijab style that will go with the saree. Choose a scarf that closely matches your saree color so it doesn’t create too much contrast and fades away from your saree’s beauty. Do side pinned hijab style with some accessories to look fancy.
Side pinned scarf steps are explained above.

Hijab Without a Pin

Usually, you get late for your class or work & can’t find the ball of pins to wear the hijab perfectly right? The easy solution for this is to wear the hijab without pins.
1. Take a rectangular scarf
2. Cover your head by dropping the scarf on both sides of your body.
3. Throw one side over your shoulder.
4. You are all set to go!

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